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The challenge for marketing in social media is often that, even if content is created, running  advertising campaigns requires resources and, in particular, experience. Although it would be a half-day or just some hours, it is still often left undone, and social media advertising will be left only halfway and does not get the benefits out of it. Then it makes sense that campaigns are run by an experienced external body.

Our experts have experience in the commercial exploitation of social media since 2007, and since 2011 we have been implementing the commercial promotion of social media outsourced to various sizes and companies, associations and organizations in various sectors.

The promotion usually includes Facebook and Instagram ad promotion, campaign targeting, monitoring, optimization and reporting.

The service is tailor-made for each customer and can be either project-oriented or continuous. Work is usually started with an analysis step, after which the parties have a clearer view of what works and how much input is needed.

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