Social Media Growth Hacking


Growth Hacking is a process where fast experimentation is used to find the most effective way to grow business using modern digital marketing. Social Media Advisors specializes in social media and network-based growth hacking.

The typical challenges / questions that our customers want answers are:

  • There is no clear picture of which customer category a new product or service would be best available for sale.
  • In spite trying, the sale of a product or service does not appeal to the public to whom it is intended to work for another target group?
  • Social Media Marketing does not work like it should do or is too expensive what do we do wrong?
  • Do we provide content that works for the targeted audience targeted to it?
    What would be the most cost-effective way to market our product or service in Social Media?
  • Can we test the right audience for reactions to a product, service, or feature that is just coming?

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